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SIXT rent a car offers a wide range of convertibles at almost all of our locations around the world. Explore the stunning sights in California with the top down or soak up the fantastic Florida sun. Navigating to any destination is made more enjoyable and memorable with a SIXT convertible rental. Make your next road trip or vacation extra special and choose a stylish convertible from SIXT rent a car.

Ford Mustang

Chevrolet Camaro Convertible or similar | STAR

BMW 4 Series

Mercedes C-Class Convertible or similar | LTAR

Buick Cascada

or similar | ITAR


All the vehicles in US fleet are automatic and you can customize your rental with extras such as GPS or an additional driver. If a cabriolet is not what you are looking for, check out our fleet guide. We have a large range of vehicles available including luxury full-size SUVs, comfortable minivans and much more. With our wide spread of rental destinations - your vacation or business trip is easier than you think. Allow Sixt rent a car to ensure everything runs smoothly next time you need a rental vehicle.


  • Performance: With a convertible you also get to experience the fun of driving a sports car. With a Ford Mustang, you can drive the iconic American muscle car with a powerful V8 engine with a peak power of 412 break horsepower.
  • Comfort: Choose the right size of convertible for you. Many of SIXT’s models have room for 4 passengers as well as space for luggage. The development of new sound insulation technologies, heated seats and touch screen infotainment make a convertible also a practical choice.
  • Style: Experience the luxury of driving top down in with SIXT. You’ll make heads turn with one of the most fashionable vehicles around. The Jaguar F-Type was precision sculpted to optimize aerodynamics and creates elegant lines over the front wheels.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class

BMW 6 Series Convertible or similar | XTAR

VW Beetle

Mini Cooper Convertible or similar | CTAR

Jaguar F-Type

Guaranteed Model | XTAJ


Regardless of your preferences, our varied rental fleet lets you choose the perfect convertible whether you prefer a sporty Ford Mustang or elegant Mercedes-Benz SLK. Sixt guarantees only the finest quality vehicles for your pleasure, and most Sixt rental vehicles are replaced after six months, so you can rest assured that you'll be enjoying a practically brand new rental car. Please keep in mind that due to their high exclusivity not every convertible is available in certain locations.

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